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TRICARE Service Request/Notification Fax referral to: UnitedHealthcare Military & Veterans at: 877-890-9309 Routine 877-890-8203 Urgent The Military Treatment Facility (MTF) in your area may have
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A lot of you guys are wondering how does this military healthcare work what does that guys you're watching Nikki mgtv for another military video for all your military video needs as always you can hit me up on Instagram snapchat or down in comments below if you have questions and as always you have a live stream 7:00 p.m. Californian time every Friday come hang out I answer your questions directly and it's always a good time so I actually got a question from a subscriber that hit me up on Instagram that asks a good couple questions about being seen in military medicine versus like a civilian medicine type situation so I wanted to kind of cover that because I know that this is a benefit where people always say oh it was another you got through thought videos rack and a free medical care and a paycheck you know you're set and there's not much understanding and how that this happens and how it may be the same or different this is also going to cover a little bit of family stuff as well because I know some of you guys probably have kids or wives that you're curious about or if you didn't get married how that works so I'm gonna go through these questions that he gave me and I will probably emphasize more on it to let you guys know this is Nikki I have a video idea for you if you haven't done one explained process of sailor scheduling appointments with their local corpsman this depends on where you're at okay so if you're on a ship you're with your marine and you're doing that or you're at a hospital or clinic this can vary a little bit so I want to go into depth of that now if you're at like shorter your clinic you're gonna have some kind of clinic that's near you that will be designated for active duty or to see everybody and what we have is called a medical home port system so you can just give them a call they'll set up a day or time frame within that day this has been very different than what was done in the past since I was in in 2008 where we did what was called sick call where everybody that was sick would just come at the same time every day 8:00 and then we would just work through the patients that way and they're saying that this system is going to be more efficient by having people come at different times throughout the day versus having everyone at the same time show up as far as I know for a shipboard though this is going to be where you show up for sick call and that's from one of my understanding I haven't been on a ship in this typical fashion but it's still under the so called there's not really appointments like that especially on a smaller ship like a destroyer where there's only a few hundred people on there and you have one independent Duty corpsman to see everybody so it's just sick Co hours as usual and there usually isn't that many people that should be sick so that system probably still works pretty well he says how do you get in contact with them so if you're on a ship you're living right next to them so you just you walk up...